Crystal Clean provides premier Commercial & Residential Power Washing Services throughout Western Kentucky for a range of clientele. We offer Building Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Sidewalk Cleaning, Stain Removal, Window Cleaning, Roof Cleaning and much more. Call us for an obligation free estimate.

Are you looking for professional Concrete Cleaning services in Western Kentucky and surrounds? We provide expert Concrete Cleaning including Driveways and Sidewalks to many cities in Western KY and Surrounding areas of Tennessee, Illinois and Indiana. Call us today for a free estimate.
Western Kentucky’s Premier Concrete Cleaning Services Company. We provide all facets of Concrete Pressure Washing including Driveway Cleaning, Pathway Cleaning, Sidewalk Cleaning, Parking Lot Cleaning and Cleaning of Entrance Ways, Drive Thrus and all other Concrete Ground or Vertical surfaces.

Concrete Stain Removal

We have the knowledge and expertise to remove the most common and the most difficult stains from concrete and other ground substrates including dirt, oil, grease, tire marks, brake and transmission fluids, rust, fertilizer stains, tree, leaf and bark stains, moss, lichen, animal and bird droppings, paint, graffiti, food & beverage stains, chewing gum & much more.

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We specialize in cleaning all types of building materials and have experience cleaning low, medium and high rise buildings. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal.

Premier Building Facade Cleaning

Western Kentucky’s Premier Building Facade and Restoration Services Company. We have many years experience cleaning and restoring buildings of all sizes to its original condition. We use low pressure soft washing to clean buildings, avoiding the potentially damaging effects of high pressure water cleaning.

Power Washing can easily damage or deface bricks and stone, permanently damaging a building facade. We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to soften all pollutants, killing off algae, moss, lichen and other micro-organisms and effectively avoiding the need for excessive and often ineffective Pressure Washing methodologies.

We can clean all types of buildings, regardless of what they are constructed from including brick, stucco, cement render, concrete, sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, pebblecrete, exposed aggregate, wood, metal, paintwork and more. We avoid Power Washing to clean all of the delicate substrates that buildings are commonly built out of.

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Small or large fleets, heavy equipment and machinery. We have mobile fleet washing equipment and work around your busy schedule. Call us today for all of your Fleet Washing or Heavy Equipment Cleaning requirements.

Western Kentucky’s Premier Fleet Washing

We provide Western Kentucky’s Premier Fleet Washing Service. We offer expert Mobile Fleet Washing, Truck Washing & Heavy Equipment Cleaning Services for a range of customer in Western Kentucky and the surrounding areas of Tennessee. Our crews are fully trained in not only Pressure Washing but the specific nature of Fleet & Truck Washing to ensure our clients receive the very best level of services and customer satisfaction. They are trained in all aspects of Fleet Washing including Safety and Environmental Compliance Methods and Procedures.

We provide our services 24 hours 7 days a week, to ensure minimal disruption to our clients operations.

Why Choose Our Fleet Washing Services?
    • Experience and Efficiency. Specialized Mobile Fleet Washing Vehicles
        Present your Company to the public in the best possible way
    • Professional results
    • Free your staff to concentrate on their specific tasks
      No need for additional equipment and maintenance of that equipment
    • Environmentally friendly procedures. Using non toxic cleaning agents
    • Affordable, Competitive Pricing and Tax deductible

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Need Graffiti Removal in Western Kentucky or surrounding areas of Tennessee? We offer professional Graffiti Removal Services in Western KY and surrounds to Residential and Commercial clients. We remove graffiti from all substrates and exterior surfaces. Call us today.

Premier Graffiti Removal Services

Western Kentucky’s Premier Graffiti Removal Services Company. We have many years experience removing graffiti in Hopkinsville KY, Paducah, Princeton, Cadiz, Blue Springs, Clarksville TN and all surrounding areas.

We use the latest equipment and technology in conjunction with Environmentally friendly, non toxic and non hazardous graffiti removers. The products we use to remove graffiti are 100% biodegradable for our clients peace of mind. Safe for the planet, safe for our crews and safe for our clients.

We remove graffiti from brick, siding, stucco, wood, metal, concrete, cement render, asphalt, pavers, sandstone, natural stone and all other types of building materials in common use.

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