Pet Concerns

For years many pet owners and carpet cleaners attempted to remove this concern but with little or no success! It was frustrating and something needed to be done, since the success rate was low most cleaners stayed away from offering this much-needed service. At that time the best that could be done was a topical treatment, but that only covered up and masked the concern for about 2 to 3 days.


Then enzymes came along, they worked wonders, but unfortunately, they were limited to light urine concerns only! While they did a good job on light pet concerns when a client needed heavy removal it did little! Even if the cleaner was lucky and got most of the smell out, the stains still remained. While enzymes helped, the industry still needed more powerful products that not only removed the smell but the stains that were left behind. What now?


Have you noticed how many of your neighbors own pets? When that happened and the demand became greater, cleaners went to their cleaning supplier and said what can be done? The supplier turned to the manufactures and little progress was made. But two companies took a closer look! They figured the need for these products would have a future, They tested and retested each product in hundreds of situations until they came up with several new products that really worked. Most cleaners didn’t have a clue that this was going on. Many cleaners had given up on this service due to the low success rate, but a few of us kept trying and now that’s all changed.


Because I never gave up, I was able to locate these companies and now I’m able to offer you this new technology and you can judge for yourself the result, you don’t have to believe me, trust your own right judgment! We use a Black Light with special UV Glasses to find the urine stains, then we check for active crystals with our moisture meter. On top of that just to make sure we get it all we get on all fours and sniff away with the black light and glasses to double-check the inactive to see if they need to be treated because of odor still there. Then allow the chemical to do the work for 30 minutes, then we extract using a pad extractor to make sure we get it out of the pad, subfloor. Then we rinse after a thorough cleaning. Now after cleaning our chemical is still active up to 48 hours.

Are you sick of urine stains! Do they look like eyesores?  Or worse, how about the smells? If you feel they’re getting the best of you and you’re ready to eliminate these concerns forever. I invite you to call me right now.


Yes! I think so and here’s why? I’m constantly getting ongoing training, Even though I’ve taken on some of the toughest jobs. I don’t want to miss out on any new advantages that I can get for my clients, so I figure the more I know, the better I’m able to get you the results you want. That is the secret to my success!


Ok, ok,  I’m not perfect! (ask my wife!) I can’t fix everything! Therefore on occasions, I have to turn down some jobs! (very few) It’s not that I like doing this, but I’d rather tell someone who needs carpet replacement that that would be their best option, Most people appreciate this and later call me for other cleaning or refer me to a friend, I’d rather tell them that then do the job and later they wish they had replaced it! But don’t let this stop you from calling us.  Almost 50% of our clients thought nothing could be done, but after an evaluation, we were able to help them fix their concerns for good. 


If after my evaluation I discovered I couldn’t help you, I’ll offer some other options that can!  Don’t hesitate, call me right now at 270-886-8498 and get the results you deserve.

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